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GigaBadger is a pay-as-you-go VPN client.

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The Need for a VPN

Whether you're an expat, living in a country with internet censorship, or conscious about privacy, here's why you may need a VPN:


Bypass content restrictions and internet censorship

Access blocked websites and web applications, regardless of location

Experience the unfiltered internet


Encrypt your data, unlike on an unsecured proxy

Protect yourself on public wifi or shared networks

Keep the personal information you share online safe


Hide your real IP address

Shield yourself from the eyes of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or network owner

Avoid government or corporate tracking


GigaBadger is a pay-as-you-go VPN client. Whereas most VPN providers charge a monthly service fee, we only charge for the bandwidth you use.

1GB of bandwidth will get you:

36 hours of standard web browsing, or

19 hours of music streaming, or

5 hours of video streaming

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1GB of bandwith will cost you:

No recurring subscription fees

No long-term contracts

Pay only for the bandwidth you use

Prevent ISP tracking

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Why GigaBadger

GigaBadger is for those who want to establish a secure VPN connection when they need to, without being stuck with a monthly subscription fee.

No Subscription Fees!

Don't leave money on the table when you're not using your VPN. No long term contracts.

No Spyware, No Ads (ever)

You'll never (ever) see ads, spyware, or malware on GigaBadger.

Easy Configuration

No technical experience required. Install the GigaBadger application, hit Connect to start.

It's Fast

Our incentives are aligned. We want you to have the fastest VPN access possible.

The GigaBadger Value

Assuming an average competitor price of $9/month, you'll save money with GigaBadger if in a given month, you plan on using your VPN connection for less than 450 hours of standard web browsing, or 90 hours of streaming audio, or 14 hours of streaming video (or a combination of all three).

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Server Locations

We're looking to add new server locations. Email us if you'd like a server added in a specific country!


Mac OS X, Windows

Coming Soon

iOS, Android

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